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Anthology Contributions

Garden Blessings
(June Cotner - Viva Editions - 2014)


I bend down and release a small handful of seeds.
They settle on the soil below,
tiny brown spots in an oasis of mud,
and I feel life's miracles just thinking
that a handful of water every day
will transform them, like a caterpillar to a butterfly.

I think of the first settlers
and how they depended on those seeds,
lovingly caring for each plant,
knowing they would bring sustenance in the months ahead,
praying that the rains would come to bring them to fruition.

Their life was based on the land.
They knew every cycle of every season
as they knew their own body.

I think of the settlers, and I mourn at what we've lost.

The crops like magic mature into tall green plants.
full of round, red fruit.
and I watch my granddaughter.
Just three years old, she's fascinated by this new life.

She picks a small, ripe tomato,
holds it in her hand,
and her eyes grow wide with wonder.
She understands the miracle of life,
the power of transformation.

She is connected to the land,
finding joy in the simple act of being...

and I rejoice as I realize we haven't lost it at all.


SOAR! - Follow Your Dreams
(June Cotner - Andrews McMeel Publishing - 2014)


Far more than a number of years completed,
far more than hats thrown to the wind.
It's a time of creation, change, confusion
...and most of all, a time of transition.

From being taken care of,
to being the caretaker.

From absorbing ideas, .
to creating ideas.

From following the path of others,
to creating a path that others strive to follow.

There are those who seek to advise you ,
but in the end you must listen to your own voice.

Discover your passion,
draw from your inner strength,
and quietly, but surely,
pursue your dreams
...with all the determination you can muster.



Cherish your imagination.
It will create an ocean of possibilities,
and lead to unexpected places.

Hold on to your dreams.
For tenacity is the force
that will anchor your visions,
to create a reality that once seemed impossible.